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We have accomplished responsible investments in the field of steel industry and metallurgy, as we are always convinced of its huge potential as a vector for the industrial development of my country, Morocco.
Riva industries aims to be the leader in its industry, to perform well over the long term and to contribute in the integration and industrial acceleration of Morocco.
It relies on operational excellence and the quality of investments, as well as on collective innovation and the organization in network set up by the group at the national level.
At Riva industries, being a key player in the Moroccan industrial landscape is not a "simple word", not even an easy place. It is first of all a culture, a course of action, a spirit, a vision which translates into a permanent quest for excellence and a collective and lasting commitment in terms of quality for our customers and partners.
Riva industries is now a benchmark company in terms of the long product steel sector in Morocco. Recognized for the quality of its products; the satisfaction of our customers is the primary objective of our policy. We must constantly try to listen to them and contribute in their success.
The act of entrepreneurship is more than a matter of know-how, it is a promise: truthfulness and the respect for this profession are our vocation.
By making civic responsibility a collective value, the group promotes and shares progress in all its dimensions: economic, environmental, social and cultural. Shared trust is at the heart of our organization.



About Riva Industries

A flagship of the Moroccan economy and a subsidiary of the Meski Invest Group, Riva Industries was born from the entrepreneurial vocation of its founders and their willingness to participate in the economic development of Morocco.

Steel Complex

Our steel complex is a fully integrated and eco-responsible ecosystem.

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marché applicatif BTP

Construction market

We have a range of reinforcing bars, in several diameters, marketed and distributed in rings,

marché applicatif agricole

Agricultural market

We support the development of national agriculture by offering a range of rolled wire rods

Industrial market

We offer a range of industrial wire rods, serving all applications of transformation, intended for


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RIVA Industries : un géant caché de la sidérurgie

Quelle est l’histoire de la création de RIVA Industries Il s’agit du complexe sidérurgique et métallurgique Riva Industrie. Implante au niveau de la zone industrielle Medz / Jorf Lasfar.

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