Steel complex

Our steel complex is a fully integrated and eco-responsible ecosystem

Long steel production unit (Reinforcing bars)

Launched in 2015, this first production unit has an advanced technology rolling mill offering a wide range of reinforcing bars, in several diameters, packing in bundles and intended for the construction of structures and reinforcements.

Steel coil production unit (Reinforcing bar – wire rod)

In order to support the development of its customers, Riva industries acquired, in 2021, a second rolling line, responding to Industry 4.0 technologies, in order to offer an extensive line of wire rods and reinforcing bars in coil, for construction, industrial and agricultural markets.

EAF plant (Electric arc furnace)

We Always aim to meet the requirements of these markets. In 2021, Riva Industries made a commitment to have an EAF plant with the latest technology allowing upstream integration, which is necessary for the competitiveness of its ecosystem.