Working at Riva Industries

HR policy Riva Industries

Our corporate culture is based on strong human values which are: Commitment, professionalism, customer orientation, civic responsibility and valuing human capital. The latter is one of the pillars of our group’s development.

Our men and women are our lever for creating value. They guarantee the safety of our facilities, the sustainability of our activities and our day-to-day operational excellence in order to provide a better service for our customers and external stakeholders.

Indeed, Riva Industries’ human resources policy is based on 4 pillars:

Recruitment & Integration

The principles of diversity and equal opportunities represent the pillars of our recruitment policy. We are convinced that the different experiences and perspectives of our employees are a real asset for our company and contribute undeniably to our performance.

Thus, ensuring that a candidate shares the values of our group is a prerequisite which is as important as the assessment of their skills. We make sure to recruit employees who adhere to our corporate culture and who are committed to a common vision: GOING FURTHER TOGETHER.

So, supporting new recruits is a crucial step for the success of their duty assumptions. We set up an individualized integration process allowing each employee to discover the company, understand their work environment, get to know their future colleagues and better understand their position and their missions.

Training & Learning

At Riva Industries, we encourage personal learning for a better collective performance. We are working to develop our human capital by investing in solid and targeted training plans, both collective and individual, in order to ensure that our skills match the evolution of our profession and to support each employee in his or her professional development.

We encourage our human resources to deepen their knowledge, and acquire new skills and know-how in order to capitalize and strengthen individual talents and skills.

Give visibility to our employees

The annual assessment is an opportunity to assess professional skills of our human resources in order to identify areas for improvement and objectives for the next year.

This is a crucial step in giving them visibility on their professional development and identifying employees that will occupy high responsibility positions, who will have close personalized support.

Recognize and reward performance

We believe that fairness and recognition are important motivational levers that influence the level of employee engagement and the rules of good governance of our managers. Putting people at the core of our company system, valuing the work done by our employees and recognizing the efforts invested at their true value are our priorities.